Monday, January 24, 2005

Dr. Loehr on Fascism

Awhile back I wrote about Dr. Davidson Loehr's sermon on Fascism. In the last two church newsletters he's told about the responses he's gotten to the sermon from around the world. Apparently it's been widely forwarded through e-mail.

Here are a few quotes from Dr. Loehr's column in the January 15 newsletter concerning the feedback that he's gotten:
  • A man phoned from Prague........He's in his early 40s, has lived there for 13 years, and has no plans to return to the US, ever.
  • A Christian minister from rural Georgia phoned....She kept thanking me "in the name of Christ."
  • Sunday afternoon came a voice mail form the wife of an American serviceman stationed in Munich, GE. ..."I wanted to thank you so much for speaking out.....I just want to call and thank you personally".
  • Both Americans (often living overseas) and Europeans, Australians and the British are asking, "How can Americans let this happen?"
Davidson concludes, "I think we will look back on this time as a watershed in the history of American democracy.


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