Friday, January 28, 2005

HB 658 -- Texas Medical Marijuana Bill

2009 update~~ for information on HB 164 please go to the Texas Coalition for Compassionate Care web site.

HB 658 was filed today by Representative Elliot Nashat. The bill will:

· Allow a person who is arrested for possession of marijuana, and who has a bona fide medical condition and a recommendation from his or her physician, to present an affirmative defense to his or her prosecution.

· Enable Texas jurors to hear evidence and determine whether or not the individual has a valid medical defense. Presently Texas law does not allow jurors to grant an affirmative defense related to the medical use of marijuana.

· Protect doctors from being investigated solely on the grounds that they discussed marijuana as a treatment option with their patients.

· Allow police and prosecutors to exercise discretion and save our taxpayer money when law enforcement officers come into contact with a legitimate medical marijuana user.


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