Monday, January 17, 2005

Live from New York Part II

We went to Chinatown yesterday afternoon and the trip yielded numerous photo-ops. Many of the stalls had their Chinese New Year supplies displayed...all sorts of red and gold items. I found a small statue of Quan Yin that I liked, but it had a $69 price tag on it so I settled for taking a picture of a large statue of her at a Buddhist temple. We had a good meal of tea, noodles and vegetables for less than $4.00 for both of us.

Last night we stayed in and vegged out. This morning when we woke up there was a light layer of snow over everything. The day is still beautiful, an almost perfect (except for a few clouds) MLK day. Steve and I have already started celebrating it fittingly. Tonight we'll do it up right by going to hear Bobby "Blue" Bland at B.B. King's club near Times Square.


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