Friday, January 28, 2005

SB 43

Sen. Jane Nelson has filed a bill here in Texas that calls for the Department of State Health Services to establish programs and initiatives to prevent the manufacture and use of methamphetamine.

The filed bill calls for programs to:

(1) educate retailers on the problem of methamphetamine manufacturing and use in Texas;
(2) educate retailers on product management practices that deter suspicious purchases and theft of products used to manufacture methamphetamine;
(3) educate the public on the role the theft of anhydrous ammonia plays in methamphetamine manufacturing;
(4) educate the public on equipment and practices that deter theft; and
(5) educate the public on the dangers of methamphetamine manufacturing and the increased hazards to children exposed to chemicals and products inappropriately
diverted to manufacture methamphetamine.

It also says that The Department shall ensure its substance abuse efforts concerning controlled substances address:
(1) student use and abuse of methamphetamine;
(2) how to identify methamphetamine use in students;
(3) how to identify student exposure to methamphetamine manufacturing.

WHAT A NOVEL IDEA! A public health/educational approach to a drug abuse problem.

I haven't heard anything about this bill in the media, but hopefully it will be successful.


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