Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Texans for Medical Marijuana

Last night I attended the Texans for Medical Marijuana legislative training session. The turnout was encouraging, about 25-30 people, including a number of patients. A camera crew filmed the whole meeting so it can be shown to similar groups in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio.

The bill that will be filed in the Texas House of Representatives in the next week or so will be an affirmative defense bill, only providing for a legal plea of "not guilty due to medical use" if a patient is arrested for possession. This is far below what is desirable, but the legal experts who are guiding the organization feel that this is the best way to go in Texas at this time, especially since this version has bi-partisan support (a feat in itself in these contentious times).

With enough people speaking out to their legislators, this might have a chance. The Legislative session started today.....the fun's just started.


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