Sunday, February 06, 2005

Hank III

Friday night I went with my second son to hear Hank Williams III at Emo's. I'd heard that Hank III played country punk, but after seeing the show, I have to say that it's more like punked out country. He played two sets. The first was definitly country flavored, tho most of the songs were hard and fast, the bass player had a mohawk, and they occasionally yelled "oy", so I decided that these were the punk elements I'd heard about. There was a bass, Hank plays guitar, and there is a drummer, electric fiddle player, and a guy with who could make his petal steel make noises like I'd never heard one make before. They played this genre for a couple of hours. As I said, the songs had a definite country feel, but the words were mostly about drinkin', drugs, and sex.

After a brief break, some of the band members changed up and then they were all about headbanging, and wailin' guitars. Most of the songs in this set were Misfit and Black Flag covers.

Don't know if I'd pay to see him again, but I'm glad I did it this time. The Hazard County Girls from New Orleans opened for Hank and they kicked butt.


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