Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Chinese interests in Latin America

U.S. officials warn of Chinese intelligence and cyberwarfare roles in Latin America.

U.S. officials said Wednesday, April 6, there is no evidence that China is seeking to boost its military presence in Latin America, but for the first time warned about Chinese intentions to establish an intelligence and cyberwarfare beachhead in the region. Roger Noriega, assistant secretary of state for Latin America, and Rogelio Pardo−Maurer, the top Defense Department official for the Western Hemisphere, testified before a House panel as several legislators argued that China is trying to fill the void left by the lack of U.S. involvement in the region. Noriega and Pardo−Maurer said China's interests in Latin America were mostly on the economic side, but warned that Beijing could also have an intelligence agenda as it increased trade with Latin America. Pardo−Maurer said that “we need to be alert to rapidly advancing Chinese capabilities, particularly in the fields of intelligence, communications and cyberwarfare, and their possible application in the region.” This is the first time that a senior Pentagon official warned so directly about Chinese cyberwarfare capabilities in the region.

Source: http://www.miami.com/mld/miamiherald/11332057.htm (Registration required)


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