Sunday, April 17, 2005


Last Thursday evening I attended the ACLU party celebrating Will Harrell's 5th anniversary as the Executive Director of the Texas ACLU. Besides the usual gang at the ACLU, also in attendance were Molly Ivins, a representative, the Revs. Alan Bean and Charles Kikker from Tulia, Nate Blakesly from the Texas Observer, and lots of other well wishers. Everyone had a funny story about Will, many of them having to do with his ponytail. Others mentioned events that shouldn't have been mentioned. The most touching tribute was made by Ana Corea of LULAC.

Saturday we were back at the Museum for an additional Bill Narum meet and greet. Some people were unable to make the opening of his show, so two more smaller events were scheduled for Saturday and Sunday so more people could see the exhibit.

Today I went to the Bob Marley fest at Auditorium Shores. It was as much fun as ever.


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