Monday, May 09, 2005

Back Porch Vipers

Friday I went to the Back Porch Vipers CD release party at Cheapo Discs. Their CD Light Up features jazz numbers from the 1930s, such as "Jack I'm Mellow," "When I Get Low, I Get High," "Reefer Man," and "If Youse a Viper" (as the CD cover says, If you need help in determining if you are a viper, this will answer those questions).

Singer Karen Abrahams told me that they have been invited to play at the High Times Cannabis Cup this fall. They have also been chosen to receive two 2005 Global Marijuana Music awards, one for Best Recorded Blues Track for "When I Get Low, I Get High."

The Back Porch Vipers use music to show a humorous and positive side of marijuana use. The tunes are so upbeat that you can't help but smile. All these guys are accomplished Austin musicians who have been around for years. They do a great job of covering these songs from back in the day when marijuana was still legal. It's awesome to see them getting the national recognition they so richly deserve.


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