Wednesday, May 25, 2005

HB 2193 Passes -- Probation reform for TX

A bill designed to reform the state's probation system was passed today, despite oppostion lead by Williamson Co. DA John Bradley.

According to Ann del Lano's Solutions for Texas website, HB 2193 will protect the public, promote healthy families, and use taxpayer dollars wisely. It provides:
- intensive supervision for those who need it,
- judicial compliance reviews,
- more judicial control over incentives and sanctions,
- local control over conditions of probation and sanctions,
- more opportunities for a jury to consider probation,
- a prison diversion pilot program, and
- more drug courts.

According to Scott Henson of Grits For Breakfast, Williamson County DA John Bradley did everything he could to kill proposed legislation strengthening the probation system that was debated today on the floor of the TX Senate. "Williamson County is one of the most reactionary places, politically speaking, in the state; there's no reason for them to set the state's corrections policies," Scott stated.

Check out Ann's site for more info.


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