Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day Weekend report

This past Thursday evening, Nelly and I went over to the Inside Books Project volunteer night and helped answer Texas inmates' requests for books and educational materials. Reading and responding to the letters was a rewarding activity and I hope to spend more time doing it in the future. Thursday and Sunday nights will be volunteer nights all this summer. The bad news is that some of the letters we answered were written last December and January. And even now that the books are packaged and the packages are addressed, it will be 3 or 4 months before enough money will be collected so that they can be mailed. The Project receives about 700 letters a month, they're doing a great service, but the demand is overwhelming.

Friday night Pix and KR visited for a an xjw tea party. They hadn't met each other before, but had such similar abusive experiences while a part of the jehovah's witness organization, that they had plenty to talk about. We've all found that talking to others who have had the same experiences is extremely healing.

Saturday evening I went with CRR to the Nutty Brown Cafe to hear the Derailers. CRR really digs the Derailers, so she asked me to go out there with her. Although it wasn't exactly my scene, we did have a great time dancing and talked to some nice people. The Nutty Brown is an "outdoor family honky-tonk".

I spent Sunday playing hooky from church and from the gym. It was so nice to just veg out on the sofa and read the New York Times.

Today I met my oldtime friend at the new Whole Foods and we spent the afternoon grazing on the free samples and just generally goggling at the array of products. Tomorrow it's back to work. The longer I stay off the harder it is to go back.

Oh yes, check out these cool clothes for the lesbian in your life. They were designed by my friend and she's already getting large orders for her tee shirts and caps. Glad her business is starting to rock and roll.

And that's what happened this Memorial Day week end in Austin, Texas.


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