Sunday, June 05, 2005

Texas Road Trip Tip

I drove to Wal Mart Land after work Friday. I go back there when family business dictates, and the business this week end was my grandson's birthday party. On the trip back to Austin today I stopped at a roadside park.

When traveling in rural Texas, never partake of the blessed herb while you are in your car on the highway. Rural Texas cops will pull you over for any reason, or no reason, and it's best for your car to smell clean and fresh when you hand out your license and insurance card. To that end, you should always stop and get out of the car when it's time to enhance your traveling experience

I've found that the best place to stop is a cemetery. Rural cemeteries are public spaces that are usually deserted. While you're smoking you have the freedom to wander among the headstones and try to imagine the details of the deceaseds' lives, or maybe just contemplate your own. If anyone does show up and asks what you're doing, you can say that you're researching your genealogy.

When a cemetery isn't available, a good alternative is a roadside park. I've used this option on numerous occasions in my 6 years of traveling from Austin to Wal Mart Land. Today I discovered a previously unknown feature at the park on Hwy. 79 between Buffalo and Jewett. A creek runs along the back of the park. There is a path through the poison ivy, along the creek, and out to the end of a small peninsula. It's peaceful back there. Tree frogs sing and you can see perch and minnows when the sunlight slants through the water.....a beautiful place to take communion.

Maybe I can come up with some other road trip tips next week. My friend is coming from NYC and we're driving to Mexio.

Hasta Manana


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