Saturday, October 22, 2005

I'm here

It's been an emtionally draining 10-days and I've taken the day to try and recoup. After Aikido this morning I came home and went back to sleep for four hours. The rest of the evening has been spent reading and surfing the 'Net.

I was sick for a couple of days, but went to Louisiana for my mom's birthday last week end anyway. It's an 8-hour trip when you drive straight through, and I had to stop by work to tie up a couple of loose ends before I went, so I got a late start. But it was worth it to be there when the 14 friends and relatives suprised Mom with a party on her 79th. It was at my cousin's newly-remolded home and the all-female group had a nice sit-down luncheon, talked, and played games for four hours. That night I accompanied my two brothers and their families to the carnival, so this was a pleasant family time.

The joy of that part of the trip was matched by the saddness I felt after visiting son #1 and his family in E. Texas. They are having some problems, and for the first time since I've known her, I had "words" with my daughter-in-law. We both apologized before I left, but I've been feeling bad about it all week. The worst part was that it upset my grandson, which I would never want to do. I guess we'll all survive it, though.

The only activity that broke the week up was a play I attended Thursday night. My friend appeared in Bent at the Blue Theater. It was pretty intense, I hope his next one is a comedy.