Saturday, November 19, 2005

Back to "normal"

I'm finally winding down after the conference. I had a cold before I went, and the combination of circumstances (late nights, California smog, and more) caused it to move into my lungs and ear. When I move my head I can hear the water sloshing around in my inner ear, so I skipped Aikido. When I practiced the other night that was really distracting.

The conference was awesome, as always. My roommate at the hotel was the Happy Hemptress, a radio personality and hemp promoter in Cincinnati. Since I was sponsored by Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), I wore their t-shirt the whole 3 days, as did everyone else affiliated with the group. On the back of the shirts, in big red and yellow letters, it said, "COPS SAY LEGALIZE DRUGS Ask me why". Only one person asked me why, Ann Del Llano from the ACLU. But it didn't count, because she knows better than anyone "why". Her Solutions for Texas Web site reports on casualties of the drug war every day.

I worked the LEAP table for a few hours. There were quite a few cops, ex-cops, border patrol and customs agents, prison guards, and others there, and it was interesting to talk to them to get their stories. One former customs agent said that he woke up after he personally oversaw the confiscation of 241,000 tons of cocaine and realized that it didn't make a difference in US cocaine consumption.

LEAP started 3 years ago with 5 people. Now they have 38 speakers (current or retired law enforcement) and 5000 citizens who agree with their message....End prohibition now. Their goal is to have 10,000 speakers and 1 million supporters by 2007. Then they are going to talk to congress. These guys have the cred, I'm thinking that this is where I want to put my limited time and energy.

After the conference I visited with my friend Lilith and her gorgeous children. We drove to Laguna Beach in time to see the sunset and let the kids run on the sand for a bit. The beach is truly beautiful, but the rest of Southern California is just as I'd always heard, miles of freeways, smog and sprawl.

Now it's back to "normal," whatever that is, for a few days. Wednesday Son #2, his lovely fiance', and I are going to venture into Wal Mart Land once again. We're going to Son #1's house, then the whole lot of us is going to my parents' for Thanksgiving.

My landlord is raising my rent and I'm getting tired of my job. I'm thinking of finding another living space AND another workplace. But not I'm taking it easy, doing a few chores and trying to regroup.


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