Sunday, November 06, 2005

To all peace workers

Sabine Lichtenfels, director of the Institute for Global Peace Work, is leading a group on a pilgrimage through Israel & Palestine. Here is an excerpt from her weekly Ring of Power e-newsletter:

...for one week now we have been walking in a bigger group of about 20-30 people through the land, which is called holy. We hike through very different places and cultures. It is unbelievable how much variety there is in such a small country.The incredible beauty, the pain – and above all the hospitality of the people. Many different people join us, and we hear many moving fates.

Our theater piece “We Refuse to be Enemies” moves people of both sides more than we ever thought. An Israeli said, “I was the soldier in your theater piece. Through your eyes I could see what has become of us after so many years of conflict. Please go on. We need you.” An elder of a Bedouin tribe blessed us and said with tears in his eyes, how much he needs and appreciates our engagement for peace.

In the following days we prepare for the meditation at the wall on November 9th and for the walk through the WestBank. Again, we ask all of you who want to support us to please take part with your thoughts and prayers during our wall meditation, and inform your network and friends to do the same. You will find all the information (as well as diaries and pictures) on the website

This land and its people disserve peace.

With best wishes
The pilgrimage group Grace


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