Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Home with the Armadillo

I've heard that song a lot lately. They play it every night at 11:00 when the Bazaar closes. It's been fun working there, and I wish it was my regular job. Unfortunatly, I just have one more night before I'm finished for this year.

In the time that I've been working, I've heard Ruthie Foster,Redd Volkaert ,The Greencards, Slaid Cleaves, Toni Price, Van Wilks,Austin Lounge Lizards, and Rick Trevino. Tomorrow night Ray Wylie Hubbard and friends are playing. I've found that when it says, "and friends", you never know who will show up.

And as if all that music wasn't enough, I went with a friend to hear the Eric Tessmer Band after the Bazaar last night. They're a "power trio" of guys in their early 20s. They covered Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Reed, and did an impressive version of "Goin' Down Slow". I believe we will be hearing more from these guys. Click on the link and turn up the speakers!


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