Saturday, December 03, 2005

It's three o'clock in the morning,..

Oh can't even close my eyes....

That old B.B. King song is running through my head because it IS three o'clock in the morning, or at least it was when I started to type this.

I have been at a late-night meditation at the dojo. Starting at 10:30 we had an hour of meditation, then did Aikido for an hour (we got to work with the jo). The last 30 minutes we meditated again, each one getting up in turn to use a brush and ink to make designs on paper. We also wrote haikus. Mine was:
I love Aikido
But now my stomach's growling
Let's go eat breakfast
Which is exactly what we did after the meditation. Everyone brought something and we had a feast. I just got home at three, and am smoking a little bedtime bowl.

I took off work early today to go see my neighbor's public lecture. She was awarded her Ph.D. in astronomy after defending her dissertation yesterday. Today she gave a lecture on her research and had a cool PowerPoint with lots of interesting pictures of other stars and galaxies.

In other Tea Pad news, Wednesday evening Nelly, Ms. J. and I sat on the patio at Hotel San Jose. Nelly and I had a glass of wine, while Ms. J. knocked down a number of non-alcoholic beers and smoked American Spirit cigarettes. Those girls a joy to hang out with, we had a great time.

Tomorrow I'm going to sleep reeeeeeaaaallly late and then go help Hoops distribute Armadillo Christmas Bazaar flyers. The problem is going to come that night. Do I go to the FREE show at Stubb's? An all female AC/DC cover band, Hell's Belles, is playing. Then there's a concert of Baroque Christmas music performed by La Follia. There's also the lighting of the Christmas tree and caroling at the Capitol, and the stroll down Congress. The Texas Rollergirls are competing against a team from AZ, and the Sons of Hercules are playing between matches. So many choices!! So little time and money! I guess that's just what I get for living in Austin.

I'm going to bed, because now it's after 4:00 in the morning.


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