Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Brokeback Mountain

I'm usually a pretty tough movie critic. I don't like many of them, especially those filled with violence, or ones that are too sappy. I used to have a friend from Ireland who was disgusted because American movies always have happy endings. She said that it wasn't realistic. I tend to agree with her.

I was afraid that Brokeback Mountain had been overhyped, but the movie was excellent. The two main actors were good-looking, one of them especially so. The scenery was mind blowing, the cinematography superb. The acting was great, and the love scenes, both homo- and heterosexual were passionate yet tasteful. I give it two thumbs up.


Blogger pixie said...

thanks, hon, i was thinking of going to see this one and wondered. will definitely catch it now. hugs, pix

10:05 AM  

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