Saturday, January 28, 2006

Late January update

For the past two weeks I've been controlled by an evil flu bug. One week off work, the next week dragging a$$ at work and then collapsing at home in the evenings. I'm not sure how it's going this morning, but I'm taking it easy.

That's okay, because it's raining-- REALLY raining--for the first time in months. My garden is rejoicing. I'm enjoying a cup of tea and a "chat with Harry." (Chatting with Harry is the current euphemism for smoking the blessed herb.)

Son #2 and his girlfriend are in NYC visiting friends. I was sitting here wondering about them, wondering what fun and exciting thing they were doing, when I had a discomforting thought. I know my son pretty well, and my thought was, "I hope that they don't like it so much that they move there."

I decided to call check up on them. When Son #2 answered he said that they were eating breakfast in a South African restaurant in Brooklyn. I asked him how he liked NY and he said that they had just been sitting there talking about how much they loved it and how they'd like to move there.

How can I blame them, I go there every chance I get. In fact I'll be going again this month.


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