Friday, February 10, 2006

No choices

The February 13 issue of The Nation has an article about Iran's nuclear program. After discussing all the reasons why an attack on Iran by the US or Israel would be sheer insanity, the writer, Richard Falk, says:
We can assume that Israel, at least, is well aware of these problems, which suggests that its policy is not so much to foment an immediate attack as to foster increased US hostility toward Iran. With Washington we can't be so sure. After all, one of Defense Secretary Rumsfeld's notorious rules for policy-makers is that if a problem (in this case, Iraq) proves insoluble, one should enlarge it. If so, Israel may be able to push Washington to take the lead in confronting Iran. In this vein, Israel seems to be using its remarkable influence in Congress and with the Bush Administration to encourage a harder line. Hillary Clinton and other leading Democrats seem to be playing along, openly criticizing the Administration for not exerting enough pressure on Tehran.
This seems to be a good assessment of the situation. And adds one more reason why I've decided I can't support Hillary Clinton "and other leading Democrats."

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