Sunday, March 19, 2006

OMG! 94-hour party

My head is spinning like Linda Blair's in The Exorcist. The past four days have been crammed with non-stop fun activities. It truly was a blessed weekend.

It all started Wednesday evening with the Austin Music Awards show. I helped out at the South Austin Museum booth and, like last year, got to go backstage to photograph some of the award winners. A high point was hearing Roky perform the closing act.

I had been bumming because the High Times party this year was on Thursday afternoon. I expected to be at work, so didn't get a badge. As it turned out, I was called for jury duty Thursday afternoon. The courtroom was only a couple of blocks from the party; and even though I was picked for the jury and had to serve, I was finished by 4:30. I didn't have time to go back to work, so went over to the Red Eyed Fly for the party. Couldn't get in, though, because I hadn't scored a badge beforehand. I'd paid $7 to park in a lot near the action and didn't want to lose the space. Some friends were coming in from out of town and I wanted to try to meet up with them and didn't want to move until I heard from them.

While I was sitting in my car trying to think of what to do my friend rode by on his bike. I called to him and somehow over the din of the street and the SXSW crowd he heard me. I told him that I'd wanted to go to the party but didn't have a badge. He informed me that I was in luck, then he opened his wallet, pulled out two tickets, and gave one of them to me.

The party was groovy. The South Austin Jug Band provided the music. Warren Hood sat in with them and they were fab. Good herb abounded and a splendid time was had by all.

That evening I met my friends, three frivolous females from East Texas, at my house. We hopped a bus and rode downtown to check out the action. We walked on 6th Street from Congress to Red River, then to 9th on Red River, turned around and re-traced our route on the other side of the street. Back near Congress there was a guy sitting on a step playing the flute. One person in our party had her flute with her and she whipped it out and jammed with him awhile. We then walked down Congress from 6th Street to the Continental Club. We were unable to get in there without wristbands, so we sat on the little hill across the street from the back door and smoked a joint. We could hear the music coming from Beck's next door. The Kat's Meow was playing and our friend jammed along with them on her flute. After enjoying this spot for awhile we caught the bus home. I got in around midnight.

I decided to take a day off work on Friday, so after sleeping in that morning, I was picked up by my friends at about noon. We spent the afternoon poking around the shops on SoCo and over on South 1st. We visited the Stash and the Yard Dog Gallery. An Austrailian group was playing at the Stash. In the Yard Dog Gallery we caught the tail end of a set by Pat Todd and the Rank Outsiders from L.A. They made us shake our butts, and we found out that they'd be playing Saturday night at the Hole in the Wall.

That evening we first went to the Victory Grill, hoping to catch Roky Erikson and Kinky Friedman, but we got there just after the show ended. We next went to Sholtz' Beer Garden to the Texas Music Magazine reader appreciation party. We were not readers (yet), but they were nice enough to let us crash the party. We thought we were going to see Guy Forsyth and Ruthie Foster, but that didn't work out. We saw the Derailers instead. As the next band was setting up one of the women pulled a flyer out of her purse. She'd picked it up somewhere earlier. It was advertising: ART OUTSIDE PRESENTS - All The way from L.A. MUTAYTOR @ The Enchanted Forest. We went there and also saw Kid Beyond and Govinda, two excellent acts. Mutaytor is a troup of fire dancers, belly dancers, and some fire/belly dancers. Also presented was a strange shadow puppet show. It was 3 o'clock when we got home that morning.

Saturday my friends and I had different agendas. After sleeping late I caught the tail end of the Million Musician March....a whole load of Austin musicians performing against the war in Iraq. I wish I hadn't been so late, the energy was very positive even after I got there. After it ended I went to Flatstock, the poster show at the Convention Center, and sat at the Museum's booth for a few hours. My friends picked me up and we got something to eat. We stopped in at the Museum for a few minutes, they were having a reception for the Flatstock artists.

We didn't stick around the reception because we were all about listening to some music. We had heard that the Pretenders were playing at Stubb's so I showed my friends how to sit on the hill across the creek and listen to the concert for free. Since it was early and the Pretenders weren't playing till 12:30 we went to the Hole in the Wall to hear the Pat Todd band again. They seemed really pleased that we'd made the effort. After their set I had my friends drop me off at home before they went to see the Pretenders. I was partied out.


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