Wednesday, April 19, 2006

One more use for hemp

Isochanvre is a flexible-use hemp-based building material that is "...flame-proof, non-toxic, 1/9 the weight of cement, retains heat in winter, is cool in the summer and is unpalatable to rats, insects, or termites."

Isochanvre is a mixture of lime, water, and hemp fibre - like concrete, but much lighter in weight. Initially its a wet slurry which you can pour into molds or spread like plaster, but when dry is a dun-coloured, concrete-like substance. It replaces structural concrete, brick, or wood, as well as drywall/sheetrock, and thermal insulation. Once dried, the hemp fibres petrify, and - over time - bind further with their mineral matrix, creating a structure whose strength improves with age. Additionally, the substance provides superiour acoustic insulation - good for urban settings.

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