Friday, June 30, 2006

My life

It feels like all my time these days is taken up sleeping, working, or walking the dog. But that isn't exactly the case. I've engaged in some enjoyable activities too.

One night I went with my long time friend to Cuba Libre for the $10 Manicure and Martini. It was fun -- not a REAL manicure, but worth $5. The Martinis were good too. Good enough that we each had two, along with some wonderful food.

Last Saturday I attended an event at the South Austin Museum of Popular Culture. It was billed as a "Grand Reopening", a reception for Danny Garret's show, and a memorial to Clifford Antone and Jaxon.
Whatever the purpose, it was a great party, as usual, with excellent food, great music, and cool people.

Then last night Son #2 and I hopped the bus down to the Drag and watched the movie, A Prairie Home Companion. I didn't know until the next day that it was Robert Altman's work, but I did know that it was a little weird. Entertaining, though. I laughed aloud a couple of times.

Those trips and the outing to the Hotel San Jose with Nelly and Ms. J all happened within the space of about 10 days. So I guess I'm not in as much of a rut as it feels like.

Oh well, it's the week end. Time to lighten up!


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