Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Split personality

In my virtual life, I am Myst0nia at the Texas Tea Pad. I'm online to gather information, disseminate information (this blog, e-mail, forums), and be entertained, among other things. This requires a certain amount of "housekeeping" activity (routine computer maintenance, downloading and organizing files, removing malware), which consumes time. The Internet has been called a "vast time-sucking vortex."

In "real" life I am somebody else. I like to read the newspaper to gather information and to talk to people to disseminate information. I also have very real housekeeping issues, pets to mind, dishes to wash, etc...

One top of this, I have relationships with family and friends to maintain, work to attend, and the need for the oh-so-limited rest.

DAMN!! Is there any wonder that, when faced with so many choices on a day off, my usual M.O. is to just get high and meditate?


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