Sunday, August 20, 2006

Week ends

Most all week ends are good, but the past 3 have been excellent.

Two weeks ago I went to Near Wal Mart Land to take my grandson shopping for school clothes and supplies. Sunday morning we went to the lake where we swam and had a picnic.

Last week end I volunteered with a group from the UU. We staffed the People's Community Clinic immunization day. Over 370 kids received the shots they needed to go back to school. That was Saturday afternoon and Saturday night I went to Threadgill's to hear Commander Cody . I couldn't believe it, but he didn't sing either Down to Seeds and Stems Again or Mama Hated Diesels.

This week end has been very low key. I've hung out with friends every night and this morning Davis and I went to Red Bud Isle. Tonight I attended Tracey's birthday party at Opal Divine's South.

I'm never ready to go back to work and this week is no exception. But I'm thankful for these excellent week ends.


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