Monday, September 18, 2006

ACL Fest update Day 3

The last day was the best day of the festival, musically speaking. I got there just when Ween started.... called my brother and let him hear Gene and Dean do their thing.

Then I heard a band I'd heard and liked last year.. Los Amigos Invisibles. They kicked ass again this year.

Started off watching the Flaming Lips... lots of sparkly confetti, but the music sucked. When walking around found a group called New Monsoon that kicked so much ass. They have their own radio station on Live 365.

This is from their site:

Latin, Brazilian and Indian percussion, drum set, didgeridoo, electric and acoustic guitars, banjo, mandolin, bass and keyboards, unify the musical styles of New Monsoon's influences, which are as diverse as rock gods Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd and Santana, bluesman Mississippi John Hurt and world music pioneers Tito Puente, Shakti and Peter Gabriel. New Monsoon's original compositions are an experience of musical textures, rhythms, ideas and moods. At any given performance, the audience enjoys a synthesis of genres, everything from bluegrass to reggae, to funk and rock 'n' roll. No two shows are the same and fan recordings of performances have become a favorite among tapers and traders in musical communities throughout the country.

The radio station plays tapes from their shows.

The dessert came right at the end when I went to hear New Orleans Social Club and near the end of their set they announced that Buddy Miles was backstage and he came out and played a song with them.

I had a choice, stay and listen to Tom Petty or catch the bus home. I noticed lightening in the distance, so opted to come home. A few drops of rain started as I got off the bus, but the downpour waited until I was in my driveway. I was SO glad I left when I did. Cole and I watched the Heartbreakers set online on the live streaming video. I was glad I didn't have to sit in the rain to watch them, but a lot of other people did.

Okay, so the show's over and monkey's dead....time to return to "reality". *sigh*


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