Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I'm still here

September hasn't been a good month for me....physical problems and bad head space, in spite of a brief break for music in the middle.

Ms. Pix has my back, though. On October 1 we had a little Austin outing. Read about it in her blog, Pixilated in Austin.

In my last post I cited an article from the NY Times about the Chinese government. "Harmonious society" sounds like a great social therory but upon closer reading I realized that the purveyors of this "harmonious society"....the ones who say they want to protect the environment and bring about economic equality.... are the same ones who are jailing religious and political dissenters, harvesting organs, and censoring the Internet. These are the guys Americans need to be focusing our attention on, not Iraq, Iran, or Afghanistan. They are going to impact our future way of life in a much greater way than all these "islamofacists" we're hearing about.


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