Thursday, October 19, 2006

A memory

The structure in the picture is located on Hwy. 84 a few miles east of Clarence, Louisiana. At one time it was a bar; and I think they served barbecue there too.

One night in 1969 my husband and I and a group of our friends stopped here to get something to drink. The right hand door went into the "White" section and the left hand door went to the "Colored" side. The bartender was all alone in the room on the right, but we could hear James Brown on the jukebox next door.

We went over to the left hand room and asked if we could dance on their floor. We were greeted enthusiastically and spent a friendly evening there drinking and dancing.

One dude I was dancing with asked me if we were from California. "You look like you from California," he said.

But we weren't from California, we were from right down the road. It was a time of change. It's time for changes again.


Blogger pixie said...

girl, thank you for sharing that! very, very cool with the pic and story.

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