Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Strange TV night

I rarely watch TV. But tonight there were storms forecast, so I flipped around the channels to try to find a weather report. On one of the Austin Cable Access channels I found footage (obviously raw footage) of our 2001 Tulia Never Again Rally. I saw myself and several of my friends on TV!

After that I thought I'd check out what was on the other channels and found performances by South Korean pop stars (sponsored by Buffet Palace).

According to NPR , "The fashion and music of South Korea have become a popular craze among China's younger population." I used to think that was a good thing because I thought that the pop stars' influence might eventually soften the hard ass Chinese government's stance. But then I realized that's not going to happen. George W. Bush grew up at the same time that I did, and all that good music that influenced my life and made me what I am today apparently didn't have the same kind of effect on him.


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