Saturday, October 28, 2006

Walkin' tha dog - part 2

Davis lost his collar the last time we went to the dog park, along with his rabies vaccination tag and his microchip tag.

Today we went back to look for it, intending to cover our entire route from the previous trip, although I didn't really have much hope of finding it.

We went about 2:00 this afternoon, expecting the park to be crawling with people and dogs. To my surprise there was hardly any one there.

As we were pulling in I saw a car with a couple of teenagers cutting doughnuts out on the field. I decided to drive further down, park somewhere out of sight and call to report them.

I drove down to the far end of the parking lot to a parking space I'd never been to before and didn't even know existed. Hanging there on a sign right in front of us was Davis' collar.

I would never have looked there had that sequence of events not played out in just that way. I would have been looking all afternoon and would NEVER have found the collar. I'm logging this because so few things have worked out well for me lately, it was refreshing to have something good for a change. I was so glad to see it I didn't even call to report the kids.

Today was a beautiful day; in the 70s and not a cloud in the sky. The little yellow butterflies were out in force, and we also saw quite a few other varieties. The walk was the high point of the day, most of the rest of the day I slept.


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