Thursday, November 09, 2006

Mea Culpa

Well, the elections are over and there's good news for the country, but continued bad news for Texas.

Although the people in other parts of the US were sufficiently pissed to completely turn Congress on its head and to elect Democratic governors, our fair state re-elected the usual gang of idiots. Their motive, apparently, is to hasten our race to the bottom.

I have to take some small bit of blame. I and about 553,327 other people who voted with our hearts instead of our heads when we voted for Kinky Friedman.

I agonized over whether to vote for Kinky or Chris Bell for weeks. I agonized over it when I punched the button for Kinky. And I've agonized over it since. Sure enough, my worst fears came true. Kinky and Bell had a combined vote of 43%, higher than Perry's 39%.

But it's likely that Perry would have won anyway. Not all the people who voted for Kinky would have necessarily voted for Bell. Some wouldn't have voted for anyone else but Kinky. Some repugnicans even voted for him.

I voted for him because of his views on drug policy. I don't know what Bell's were, because he never said. Kinky wants to change the status quo concerning marijuana and hemp, and that's why I chose him.

But now we have four more years of Perry, and I repent of any of my energy that went toward making that happen. I've already taken the Kinky bumper sticker off my car and the picture of him off this blog. And I'm trying to concentrate on the positive things that have happened.

Unbelievable that the Democrats have taken over both the House and Senate. It will be interesting to see if they're able to clean up the serious messes of the repugs.

The best news is that John Conyers, a drug policy reformer, is likely going to be the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. This and Pelosi's stance on China are things I'll be monitoring.

And the gap narrowed between Dems and repugs in the Texas lege. There is reason for hope, if we can hold the Dems' feet to the fire and make them deliver.

8 MILLION registered Texas voters didn't even bother to vote. Let's blame THEM for 4 more years of the Perry debacle.


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