Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2007 -- Some new stuff and some old stuff

I spent a nice uneventful New Year's eve with friends from out of town. They had a hotel room downtown, so I hopped a bus and went to join them. We spent most of the time walking down Congress and Sixth Street, taking in the Austin First Night activities. We missed the Bollywood show, the main thing I was hoping to see.

We were in front of the Blind Pig Pub at midnight. My friends kissed and I lit up a doob, things I hope continue to happen thoughout the coming year. It was a typical Sixth St. crowd, all cultures, races, and economic levels, although a little heavy on the young urban types, so I saw a couple of others who had the same idea as I did of how to best bring in the new year.

I'm in a state of flux now. I'm moving offices at work (to a cube with a WINDOW) and I am possibly going to have to move houses, too. My landlord is fighting with the city over the zoning of my apartment. One day it looks like I can continue to live here, the next I am out looking for a new place. I like change and find it stimulating, however, I'm beginning to wish that things were a little more settled.

I was worried about all this yesterday, before I partook. But just like in Paul McCartney's song, when I " found myself in times of trouble" Mother Mary came to me and spoke some words of wisdom. I realized I was being unreasonable worrying about what I didn't have control over, while letting the things I do have control over suffer neglect. So I did all my laundry, cleaned the kitchen, and vacuumed the whole apartment. I feel so much better now. And I'm content in the knowledge that if I just do the foot work and let go of the problem , it will work itself out. No sense driving myself crazy over it.

I also know that I would have never arrived at that conclusion without the help of the blessed herb.

Ms. Pix gave me a gift certificate from Half Price Books and I used part of it yesterday to get a book called "Wildest Dreams, An Anthology of Drug-Related Literature". I believe more people should be reporting on their positive drug experiences to combat all the government Reefer Madness propaganda. I know it certainly makes my life more livable and I plan to express that more often during the new year.


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