Tuesday, January 09, 2007

This bites

I was already stressed about not being able to find suitable living quarters when I complicated my situation even further by having an auto accident last week. It was my fault, I was trying to get across a busy street and got too impatient. I saw a hole I thought I could get through, but missed by inches. A woman traveling down the busy street clipped my rear bumper and moved it over to the point that my trunk won't close.

I'm annoyed with myself for not being more careful, but am thankful that no one was hurt. I found out that day, before the accident, that my former sister-in-law had been in a wreck the night before and hadn't been so fortunate...she was killed.

So I'm not complaining about having to take defensive driving and pay the $250 deductible to get my car fixed. $367 is minor compared to what could have happened.

I'm more bummed out about the lack of success in finding a new home. Not many places that I can afford will take all my animals. I'm looking, though. Hopefully something will eventually come up.


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