Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wild woman week end

Last week end, my three wild women friends came in from Beaumont; and did we EVER have a blast. Here are the venues/shows we saw:

Here: South Austin Museum of Popular Culture
We heard: Uranium Savages

Here: Enchanted Forest
We heard: Govinda, Carmen Rizzo, and DJ Matty
This was the only place we paid to get in. It was a benefit for Art Outside, so we didn't mind. There were belly dancers on stage with the DJs and during DJ Matty's set two girls danced with large hoops. In another part of the forest I watched a couple of fire twirlers.

We got home from the Forest at 4:00 a.m. Saturday morning. After sleeping a few hours, we attended the Million Musician's March for Peace. We didn't actually make it to the march, but we did make the rally at City Hall.

Here: Ms. Bea's
We heard: Green Milk from the Planet Orange and another band. I don't know who they were, but the singer changed clothes (down to the skin!) during the set, singing all the while.

Here: Ruta Maya
We heard: Asylum Street Spankers
My friend Happy Jack let us in the back door for free.

After that show, we went home to rest for a bit, before riding the bus back down to 6th Street. One of the wild women had friends who were playing at Emo's, so we got in free there, too, even though it was an "official" SXSW party. There were several bands, I don't remember them. By that time I was on music overload and had just about danced my a$$ off.

We got home after 4:00 again. I couldn't keep up that pace all the time, but it was sure fun to do it this week end.