Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Austincentric activities

I celebrated July 9th (7/09) in true Austin style. "Now there might be some that ain't in th' know" so maybe I'd better explain that 7:09 in Austin time is the same as 4:20 in other places.

This meaning was assigned to that smokin' time of the day by the Uranium Savages. The Savages have been making Austin weird since 1974. Last Monday they played at Gino's and I went down to listen to them. Go to their website and check out the videos, if you're not easily offended.

Friday night I attended Roky Erickson's 60th birthday bash at the Paramount Theater. I was on the very first row, right in front of the stage. That wasn't a great location for the film, but it was an excellent location to watch the band. Roky was pumped up, they could hardly get him off the stage. The film was just amazing. It's an inspiring story of how Roky's brother Sumner brought him back from the ravages of mental illness. It's as much a tribute to Sumner as it is Roky.

Then Sunday morning I went with some friends to watch the motocade take Lady Bird Johnson to the cemetery. Hoops was interviewed by two different TV reporters, and ended up on two stations' newscasts. The crowd lined the street all the way down Congress Avenue, then down Caesar Chavez, and along Town Lake. There was a big turn out all along the route.

It was a beautiful morning and after the procession had passed, we went to Las Manitas to have breakfast, then sat around at the South Austin Museum of Popular Culture and listened to Hoops swap stories with Jim Franklin.

Folks, it doesn't get any more AUSTIN than that.


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