Sunday, August 19, 2007


I've been reading all the past articles on this site, starting with the first issue and reading forward. One of the most interesting is this one, From Doomsday Cult to Religion,The Social Management of Human Beliefs. Having once been a member of a "doomsday cult", it was good to read what neurobiological factors were at work when I was brought into it.

I also found it amusing that even though most Christian religious cult members are set against the idea of evolution, their very existence as a group is heavily influenced by patterns of behavior that are identical to those of lesser primates, which tends to prove the evolutionary process.

This entire site is filled with fascinating information. The authors have conducted several surveys; and using these, plus their knowledge of neurobiology, they've come up with theories about why evolution has shaped the chemical processes that determine whether we as individuals are "conservative" or "liberal". Not only do the two groups see things differently, they actually feel things differently, their eating habits are different, their living situations are different, they have different reproduction rates.....and on and on. Good stuff! If you're a person who is interested in the human animal, you'll enjoy taking a look at the site.

Things have been pretty crazy here. I'm supposed to be working the 8 pm to 8 am shift, preparing for the arrival of Hurricane Dean. At this point, it looks like it may not hit Texas, but nothing's certain in these types of situations. I'm supposed to be working, but am having some health issues. Will go to the doctor tomorrow and hopefully get the issues resolved and go back to work. I could sure use some comp time.


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