Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Don't want to get too far away from this week end without posting the highlights.

Only one of the Wild Women came to town this year. We missed our sisters, but tried to carry on in spite of their absence

We went for quality rather than quantity this year, and went to fewer places but had just as much fun.

We made two trips to Art Outside 2008 at the Enchanted Forest. Didn't hear much good music either time, but there were lots of cool artists and artwork all through the forest. Ms. Pixels and Lil Mama joined us on Saturday.

Most of the rest of the time on both days we hanging with Hurricane Marcies' friends from LA, members of an Experimental / Electro / Hardcore band, Anavan. Friday night we met them at Ms. B's and then accompanied them to Flamingo Cantina where we heard the bands Old Time Religion and Health.

The next night Anavan was playing at Red's Scoot Inn, so we went there and heard several bands at that showcase. I heartily wished for some earplugs. At midnight Foot Village (new friends) played...only four drum sets, no other instruments. There were 2 female band members and 2 male. They began their set by beating all the drums as hard as they possibly could and that went on for about 30 minutes. I can't tell you how intense it was. The last 30 seconds or so when they were building to a climax, I actually felt like the vibrations were messing with my heart rhythm. It was like the sound waves solidified and became tangible, like being trapped in a solid "block" of vibration, an almost smothering feeling. I've heard that vibrations might be beneficial to your health. Maybe that's why I felt better the next day. Or it may be because I slept until 11:00 that day, then took a nap at 5:00.

Here's a picture of Anavan at the Scoot.


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