Saturday, February 07, 2009

Articles re:Michael Phelps' bong hit photo

LEAP's Norm Stamper on Huffington Post --

One Cop To Another: Don't Arrest Phelps for Bong Photo

And taken up by USA Today --

Ex-police chief rips effort to charge Phelps

Meanwhile, the Onion blasts the DEA --

DEA Chief: Winners Occasionally Use Drugs

"Winners seem to have an unknown quality that enables them to use drugs and keep on winning," DEA head researcher and narcotics expert Howard Tobin said. "It goes against everything we know about drugs, but many of the drug-taking winners we studied did not, in fact, become losers. They did not lose control of their lives, nor did they lose their loved ones, their jobs, their homes, or their physical or mental well-being. There is clearly something at work here that we still do not understand."


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