Saturday, March 28, 2009

DEA Raids - March 2009

Report from the field:

Following a short protest a the Federal Building in San Francisco yesterday, a few of us walked over to the DEA's office and spoke with the guy in charge of the raid. He said that they have not changed their policies, that they are the same as before. He said they will not be targeting patients who have small gardens, but they will be targeting places where they are making a lot of money and are in violation of state and federal law. He said that Federal law trumps state laws. I said that wasn't true, but that both have the authority to act. While he was ready to quote Prop. 215 (caregiver/patient relationship), he seemed unaware of the bill that was passed, AB 420. I also mentioned that California also has a law, AB 420, that allows for sales and collectives. He didn't want to acknowledge that.

Basically, I think they have not received any new orders yet. The same people are in place as before. The Obama administration has not yet changed the DEA people in charge. Until that changes, or until new directives are issued, the DEA will find a way around the supposed new policy. A press conference by Holder is apparently not good enough.-- Mikki Norris


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