Friday, April 24, 2009

Exciting medical marijuana news from Rhode Island

On Monday 4/20 the Rhode Island Psychiatric Society became the first state psychiatric association to endorse medical marijuana.

Then on Wednesday 4/22 the Senate Committee on Rhode Island Health & Human Services voted UNANIMOUSLY 8-0 for the medical marijuana Compassion Center bill, S0185. The yeas included the last public opponent in the legislature, leaving RI Gov. Carcieri as the very last person in the state who's publicly opposed to medical marijuana.

According to a representative of Rhode Island Patient Advocacy Coalition

Now today I'm hearing that our Senate floor vote, and House committee vote, will both be next week. We have every indication that our bill will pass despite a veto. RI will become the 2nd state to license distributors of medical marijuana, and the 1st state to license retail storefronts. I personally believe NJ will be the 3rd state to license distributors, and Maine will be 4th.
Read about Rhode Island's proposed Non-profit Compassion Centers


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