Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Texas HB 164 - What you can do

A contributor to the Drug Policy Forum of Texas listserv made this observation/suggestion:

I've been following the press on the pending medical marijuana bill in Alabama. Almost every day there are two or more letters to the editor from medical marijuana users.

These all follow the same format:
I am a [mother of three, grandmother, retired executive, etc.]
I suffer from _____________ which means that __________
I can't use regular medications because they do __________to me
My doctor is afraid to help me get mj even though he says it helps me
My family is afraid because we are forced to break the law
Write your representative about bill #_____

The problem is getting editors to publish your letters. But if the editors of the Dallas, Houston, Austin, Ft. Worth, San Antonio papers (and even those in the smaller towns) were receiving four or five letters like these every day, their opposition would wear down pretty quickly.

The rest of us can do our best, but this really calls for med mj patients to speak up in public and plead their own case. Your voice means much, much more than mine does in this instance.


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