Sunday, July 05, 2009

Organizing Locally to Legalize Medical Marijuana in Texas

From Texas Coalition for Compassionate Care

We are always looking for good folks to step up and organize in their local areas across Texas. As groups form we will add this information to our website and our future newsletters so that you can find groups in your area and add your voice and energy to their efforts.

We envision that different groups will act in unison with our state wide actions and with some autonomy regarding local actions. Ideally local groups would work toward education as well as advocacy for medical marijuana patients. We would love to work toward visibility in community events such as parades and festivals. Local groups could decide to hold vigils or have a protest. We also need people on the ground working with local religious and civic organizations to have them sign our statement of compassion. This will really help us in the next legislative session if churches, ministers and civic organizations are backing us across the State of Texas. Local Groups might decide to work toward lobbying representatives in their own area.

We know there is allot of work to do, but we want people to find the way they can contribute and do the best they can rather than trying to do everything and becoming burnt out. Though the actions we take may vary, we are all working for one important goal, Safe access to medical marijuana for patients in our state.

If you are interested in starting or becoming part of a local meeting please write me Please give me a number to contact you, as I will be giving you a call to talk about getting things started. We will have a conference call of organizers in August.


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