Monday, November 30, 2009

Medical Marijuana in Texas -2009

I get several hits daily from people who want information about medical marijuana in Texas. I know there is a lot of interest out there. In the past I've directed folks to the Texas Coalition for Compassionate Care site, but that organization doesn't seem to be active anymore.

A long time fighter for medical marijuana in Texas recently told me that efforts to bring out that goal is impossible as long as Rick Perry is Governor. I'm sure it would be the same story for KBH. So I don't know how productive it would be to keep fighting this losing battle with the tactics we've tried before.

If there's as much support for medical marijuana in Texas as there seems to be, then I believe we ought to urge the Democratic gubernatorial candidates to make this a campaign issue. I know that they still consider this political suicide, but if enough people show their support, it might change the landscape.

If anyone has any ideas of what else might be done to capitalize on all this interest, please post them.


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