Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Thirty percent of Texans polled say legalize marijuana

Excerpted from The 2010 Texas Lyceum Poll Executive Summary of State Attitudes

From September 22-30, 725 adult Texans responded to a random, scientific statewide telephone sample asking about their attitudes towards the current political and economic environment, the 2010 elections, and issues likely to come up in the 2011 Texas state legislative session.

The sample is representative of the adult population of Texas. It is 50% female and 50% male. About a third of the respondents (32%) are identified as Hispanic, 11% as African American, and 54% as White. Most respondents reside in the metropoles of Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, and San Antonio, while 13% live in the state’s rural areas. Close to two thirds are married (59%). Politically, more respondents (46%) identified themselves as Independents than as Republicans (23%) or Democrats (28%). Asked about their political outlook, more consider themselves Conservative (41%) than Moderate (34%) or Liberal(20%).

Looking at other options for tackling the budget deficit, 34% of voters support legalizing gambling and imposing taxes on casinos. 27% support increasing the taxes on alcoholic beverages and 14% support legalizing the use of marijuana and imposing taxes on its purchase. When the respondents "second mentions" were counted, nearly 60% said to increase the taxes on alcoholic beverages, 55% said to legalize gambling, and 30% of those polled said to legalize and tax marijuana.


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