Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Some election news


Jodi James, a long-time NORML and LEAP activist was the Democratic nomineefor Florida State House of Representatives in the 31st District. She won the primary but she lost with only 37.8 percent yesterday. The Republican incumbent was re-elected.

Jason Ortiz, an SSDP chapter leader at the University of Connecticut, and member of the SSDP national board, ran for the Connecticut State House of Representatives in the 54th District, which included UConn, for an open seat. The former holder of the seat was the Democratic Majority Leader in the State House who was running for Secretary of State in CT. He got on the ballot by petition and was not the candidate of a party. He got 14 percent. The Democratic candidate won handily.

Lori Albin, the lobbyist for the Maryland public defenders in Annapolis, and an ally, ran for the Maryland House of Delegates 42nd District. She survived the Democratic primary, but for the three seats she came in fourth, about 1400 votes shy - she needed about 18200 to win.


Prop. 19 in California to legalize marijuana lost, 46 to 54%, gathering 3.2 million votes (more than Meg Whitman, and perhaps more than the successful candidate for AG, depending on the final tally.,0,826124.htmlstory#attgen

Initiative 74 in Oregon to expand medical marijuana lost, getting 43% (533,781) No 57% (713732).

The South Dakota medical marijuana initiative lost. It got less than 37%.


Peter Shumlin, the Democratic candidate for Governor of Vermont, who prominently supported medical marijuana and marijuana decriminalization won narrowly. With 89 percent of precincts reporting early today, Shumlin had 49.4 percent of the vote compared to 47.9 percent for Dubie, the Republican candidate, who conceded. This was a lead of about 3000 votes.

In Massachusetts, Mike Cutler reports that the local advisory votes for legalization in various districts at least 17 of the 18 districts won handily.

The Arizona medical marijuana initiative, with 92.5% of precincts reporting was behind by about 7500 votes out of 1.2 million cast.

Roger Goodman, running for a third term in the Washington State House of Representatives in the 45 District, position 1, with 55% of precincts reporting was down about 700 votes 49 % to 51% for his Republican challenger. Roger is Executive Director of the Voluntary Committee of Lawyers and had been named a High Times Freedom Fighter of the Month.

In Connecticut, Dan Malloy the Democratic candidate for Governor supported marijuana law reform. With 92% of precincts reporting, he and the Republican are at 49% each, but he is slightly ahead by 1500 votes out of more than a million counted.

The California Attorney General race is tight. With 93% of precincts in, Kamala Harris, the Democrat from San Francisco is ahead of Steve Cooley, the anti-dispensary LA District Attorney, by about 44,000 votes, 46% to 45%.,0,826124.htmlstory


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