Saturday, November 19, 2011

Switzerland Legalizes Growing Cannabis At Home

Someone out there is finally getting it.

In order to combat the increasing illegal sales of cannabis in Switzerland, four of the seven French-speaking Swiss cantons (similar to states in the U.S.) will be allowing individuals to grow four cannabis plants at their home, starting in January 2012. The cannabis is only authorized for personal use and cannot be sold.

The cantons involved are Geneva, Neuchatel, Vaud (Lausanne) and Fribourg, according to this article (in French, see translation here). People can apply for permits to grow more than four plants.

We here at The 420 Times fully expect this new law to reduce crime and police expenses in Switzerland, and everywhere else this kind of progressive thinking comes to pass.

If four plants sounds a bit restrictive, remember two things: first, it’s still illegal to do this in most of the world (thanks to U.S. government intervention in everyone else’s business) and second, a properly done grow can yield some pretty spectacular results.

Read about it here.


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